Our story:

engageSimply was created by Judy Shapiro in 2011 to meet the digital marketing needs of advertisers in a tumultuous, ever-changing industry. Eight years later and the industry’s tumult has descended into a fraud-ridden quagmire because the world of self-serve, linear, algorithmically-driven solutions no longer delivers. Bots run rampant. Consumer trust in advertising is plummeting. Brands no longer trust their agencies as they used to. They’re frustrated and should be. They just want their business problems solved.


Why did engageSimply create The Trust Web?

To transform our industry we had to transform ourselves. We had to think bigger and create a new type of holding company that injects trust back into our digital world. This is what we call The Trust Web – a new marketing technology holding company firmly rooted in the belief of “trust;” between agency and client, publisher and agency and the consumer and everyone; is the foundation of great marketing. Trust, as a technological platform, will be the transformative disruptive innovation over the next ten years.

Who do we serve?

The Trust Web is built on the principle that all players in the ecosystem all must reap benefits – advertisers, publishers and consumers. Yet, today this system is fundamentally imbalanced. Advertisers can’t unlock the full benefits of digital marketing because of fraud. Publishers struggle to be profitable and consumers have become so tainted by privacy and data breach concerns – they are largely numb.

The Trust Web platform looks to transform trust into a balanced, cross-disciplinary, ecosystem where creativity, insight, data and technology is shared freely and openly between all players. By serving all groups – we empower consumers to trust ads they see because they are truly relevant. We deliver new real-time intent technology to publishers so they can better monetize their content and their real audiences. And advertisers now can trust their marketing campaigns generate with the proof of their results.

How we got here: 

In 2009, Judy Shapiro, a long time marketer who worked at leading firms such as ATT, Bell Labs, Lucent Technology, Computer Associates among others, was enthralled at the rapidly expanding marketers’ digital toolkit. Each new capability was thrilling but it was also increasingly clear that every digital advance was increasingly fraught with transparency and accountability hurdles. In 2009, Judy bought the URL “The Trust Web,” intuiting it was to become the sacred North Star; guiding her belief of the need to merge the power of technology to improve marketing with the very human process of trusted marketing. In 2011, engageSimply was born.

Since then, we pursued our goal to create a great marketing solution that was transparent and trusted because, at its heart, we used technology to give people ways to trust new ideas that can be transformative. Today, our patent-pending portfolio of content-centric planning, programmatic media and predictive modeling is the largest set of technologies on the market focused on acquisition. Trust, accountability and ethics are the bedrock’s of our acquisition tech stack that we designed within a single-supply chain system – from buying to data and our own contextual network – to maximize return on ad investment.

As engageSimply, we beat the odds because our North Star allowed us to understand that by choosing trust to guide us, we would thrive. Now is the time for our metamorphosis into the next phase of our company to bring The Trust Web to everyone.