Brand Trust Development (BTD) Platform translates “trust” into an operational business function. Brands can trust that their digital investment will profitably drive efficient revenue through a single supply chain. We created BTD technologies for the most efficient way to align content and technology to drive acquisition and growth. The BDT platform is a patent-pending adtech stack that intersects evidence-based content development, real-time topic intent data and a contextual publisher network to engage real audiences who want to really engage.

Here is how The Trust Web delivers a trust-building, revenue-generating ROI powerhouse. The most complete content-centric acquisition & growth platform for B2B, Direct-to-Consumer & B2C advertisers.

IN-MARKET: BTD platform links what a Brand says (content) with what a Brand does (tech) for trusted engagements and sales

IN-MARKET:  BTD platform is new tech that allows them to align their content to real-time audience interests for better user engagement and revenue

IN-DEVELOPMENT: BTD platform will allow Users to manage all their digital assets – interests, identity, brand rewards, data and currency.

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