Building today the web of tomorrow

Evolving the digital marketing industry

The Trust Web promotes a privacy-first adtech landscape. We aim to establish AdTech “trust” practices, technology, and standards.

The Trust Web generates data using a different topic-driven intent signals, making it responsive to societal evolution and respectful of user's data. We do not collect user demos for demo targeting or to create individual user profiles to target audiences on third-party sites.

The Trust Web focuses on serving all stakeholders well, including advertisers and consumers, by advocating for good marketing, keeping communications human, and using responsible measurement and optimization as their foundation. We collaborate with researchers, publishers, brands, the National Science Foundation, academia, and nonprofits to build a promote a better web, the web of tomorrow.

What we do

The Trust Web is building a new ecosystem for the equal benefit of users, brands, and publishers by creating a catalyst for change through technological innovation, next-gen solutions for brands, open-source AI research, education and advocacy.

The central pillar of the Trust Web lies with its Topic Intelligence Technology & Data, that targets topics online rather than people. By building a deep-learning AI able to track precise topics and topic journeys instead of people, The Trust Web leads the way and delivers a powerful acquisition marketing system for brands, respectful of digital audiences and their data.

The Trust Web Institute collaborates with researchers, the National Science Foundation, academia, and non-profits to contribute new AI research and technology, to help users and companies join the build of the web of tomorrow.

Our companies and initiatives

A proprietary AI technology that generates topic-based data to inform and optimize all the content marketing, communication, branding, creative and advertising projects for a brand.

A marketing solutions company focused on customer acquisition. Design/Build/Grow. Powered by Topic Intelligence™.​

Part of The Trust Web Institute, as the in-house publication.

A group of properties optimized by Topic Intelligence™. TIAN uses Topic Intelligence™ Journeys to optimize sponsored content and ad placement, and increase engagement.​

The non-for-profit arm of The Trust Web, focused on open-source AI research and marketing new-practices advocacy & education.​