The future of advertising is The Trust Web.

A new marketing technology holding company in the acquisition sweet spot.

Our Vision:

The Trust Web is a marketing technology holding company that is creating new revenue streams around the technological expression of trust.

We envision The Trust Web as a holistic, profitable and single-supply chain platform architected to benefit Consumers, Brands and Publishers.

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engageSimply is evolving to lead the trust transformation of marketing.

The Trust Web Manifesto:

We believe that trust is the basis of all great marketing and can be technologically achieved. We’re optimists. We’re pragmatic. We keep focused on the value of experience. In our gut, we know that transparency, accountability, and profitability can coexist.  engageSimply is dedicated to revolutionizing the business of advertising to overcome the industry’s fraud-ridden adtech ecosystem.

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In 2018, it became clear no one trusted digital marketing anymore because transparency wasn’t baked into ad tech’s DNA.

The Trust Web innovates with new “Trust Technology” that works for everyone in the digital ecosystem.

For Brands: Our Brand Trust Development (BTD) technology delivers the most efficient way to align web content with brand messaging driving greater consumer engagement and acquisition.

For Users: Continuously building trust by empowering users with the technology to take control of their digital world: Personal data, content, advertising and brand interactions.

For Publishers: We give publishers real-time contextual technologies that redefine and expand new monetization opportunities by delivering more satisfying user experiences and engagement.

The Trust Web is a sustainable business model translating trust into profitable and diverse revenue streams.

SaaS Revenue
Services Revenue
License Revenue
Data Revenue
Media Revenue

Our business model is the 1st to prove that integrating demand and supply side, centered on content-powered acquisition sustains growth. The Trust Web creates opportunities for revenue that are both profitable and scalable from the widest possible cohort group than any other traditional holding company. This Trust accrues and translates into a diverse revenue stream and sustainable growth with a new, highly efficient operational structure with a direct line of site to into acquisition performance.

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We envision a transparent advertising ecosystem, where Consumers, Brands and Publishers can have their needs served while being protected from the rampant fraud that exists. It’s The Trust Web. Join the movement! See how you can get involved, reach out to us here.