What is The Trust Web?

The Trust Web is the first and only marketing holding company to create a holistic, content-centric ad tech supply chain to ensure advertiser acquisition results, monetize content for publishers and deliver great user experiences they control.

What is the core
value proposition?

The core value proposition for all stakeholder groups is in our ‘acquisition sweet spot.’ We fill the huge market demand for acquisition excellence by perfectly creating trust between:

Brands and Agencies:
eliminating arbitrage
Brands and their Users (internal & external): linking content to outcomes
Brands and Publishers: superior fraud detection
Publishers and Users: no unethical data collection or stalking
Tech vendors and Brands: accountability through hands-on integration
Users and Everyone: Users are equal participants in The Trust Web with Brands and Publishers

Are you an agency?

No. We’re evolving the traditional agency business model to create a new marketing holding company and business model all around the technological expression of trust in acquisition marketing. The Trust Web is a wholly new marketing holding company with new revenue streams possible in the digitally transformed marketing world.

What customer segments do you serve?

The Trust Web serves three customers segments, brands, publishers and digital audiences or consumers. We can deliver better than average outcomes for everyone through our Brand Trust Platform engineered into a holistic, single supply chain of marketing services.

What is the Brand Trust Development platform?

The BTD platform is a patent-pending adtech stack that links what a brand says to what a brand does, through evidence-based content development, real-time topic intent data within a contextual publisher network.

The Revenue Model translates trust
into scalable and profitable revenue streams
for sustainable growth.

SCALABLE REVENUE from widest customer cohort group than any traditional agency or ad tech company.

PROFITABLE REVENUE from the widest types of revenue than any traditional agency or ad tech company.

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